Anthony Oyogoa, MD

Early Years

anthony oyogoa medical and business professional

Anthony Oyogoa, MD

Anthony Oyogoa, MD is a medical and business professional with over 15 years of experience. Born and raised in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Anthony Oyogoa’s early life found him moving between Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and the United States. After attending St. John’s College in Nigeria, he attended George Mason University on a track scholarship. With a passion for education and helping others, Anthony began studying pre med.   

After an unfortunate injury, Anthony transferred to Emory University in Atlanta, GA where he continued his pre med education. During his years in Atlanta, Anthony began to explore a newfound passion for business and entrepreneurship. Despite completing several years of pre med study, Anthony ultimately decided to transfer to Georgia State University where he graduated with a business degree. Upon graduating from Georgia State University, Anthony Oyogoa set out to pursue several business ventures. 


Over the next decade he would be responsible for starting multiple businesses over a variety of industries. One such company was Corporate Car Care, a valet service turned car wash and detailing service. As founder and CEO, Anthony lead the company from 1 location to 17 locations throughout the greater Atlanta, GA area. His drive and success resulted in being featured in the 2002-2003 edition of “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta.” After the success of Corporate Car Care, Anthony branched out and applied his experience toward corporate facilities. This new venture provided pressure washing, street sweeping, and general maintenance for larger corporate facilities, such as Home Depot & local hospitals. Never allowing his entrepreneurial spirit to relent, Anthony would spend the next few years building new companies within the restaurant, clothing, and trucking industries. The Maku Group, a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company, was one such company he created and later sold. With years of professional experience now under his belt, Anthony Oyogoa began working as a Senior Business Consultant for CSC.

Medical School

Following his time as a consultant, Anthony Oyogoa made his return to medical school. Focused on family medicine, he attended the University of Medicine and Health Sciences as well as Windsor University School of Medicine. While at Windsor, Anthony started a merit-based scholarship in memory of his later mother called the Maku Family Scholarship. The scholarship covered 10% of tuition and was awarded to 4 grateful students.  

Never finding a shortage of ways to make an impact, Anthony also served as President of Students for Health during his time at Windsor. The group, which consisted of approximately 400 students, was the largest on campus volunteer organization for the medical school. Each week required extensive coordination as students were scheduled to run clinics at schools, churches, and shopping centers. Weekly coordination of buses, shuttles, and taxis was another major responsibility of the group. This hands on experience reinforced Anthony’s passion for family medicine and preventive care.


Over the last 2 years, Anthony combined his education of business and medicine to found the Medical Rotation Medical Society. Working with 12 different Caribbean medical schools, Medical Rotations helps place students in hospitals across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. A residency program in Mexico is currently in the works. Always finding room for improvement, Anthony is nearing the completion of his MBA. Upon completion he hopes to educate his medical colleagues in proper business practices. Anthony Oyogoa continues to assist emerging medical students through his company Medical Rotation Medical Society.